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EMSA Research Group, Inc.

Marketing on your terms: We emphasize research and preparation, with the ultimate goal of knowing your company, industry, and clientele as well as you do. It allows us to apply our marketing expertise and your data to the unique challenges that your business faces, with an ultimate focus on ROI and meeting goals that you define.

Team-oriented process: We encourage regular meetings to discuss our progress, as well as the day-to-day contact required to meet the goals you establish. This ensures that the marketing teams at EMSA Inc and on your company are in the loop at all times.

Marketing under one roof: EMSA Inc offers comprehensive marketing solutions across all physical and digital platforms. Whether we are updating an outdated brand or crafting a multi-dimensional campaign from the ground up, our main objective is a powerful, cohesive narrative that will attract new clients and make them stay.

Our Story

Sergio Lemus founded EMSA Research Group, Inc., in 2016. The company developed organically out of Sergio Lemus’ research in local landscaping and maintenance market analysis, and knowledge of classic and modern marketing platforms. After getting his doctoral degree in anthropology, teaching ethnography in higher education, Sergio began to craft the idea of putting his knowledge in practice and generate value for companies.

Since then, EMSA Inc’s client base has grown to include satisfied clients in B2B industries across the Chicagoland area. In 2016, EMSA Research Group, Inc., to better express the diverse marketing challenges we address for our clients every day. Our new headquarters will be inaugurated in 2017.


Great marketing campaigns begin with a strong knowledge base requiring data-driven research and frequent communication. We are committed to learning about new industries and business challenges, but insist on a collaborative relationship with our clients, as experience has proven that a cohesive marketing team produces the most powerful results.

We provide an immense amount of research behind the scenes, researching your industry, audience, and competition. Our competitive, data-driven business environment allows us to complement your knowledge with our marketing expertise, resulting in the best possible outcomes.

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To reach Sergio Lemus or a member of our team at:

(708) 577-3019 or Email: slemus@emsainc.com